Please be familiar with these guidelines before beginning a Socratic Dialectic.

1The characters listed are given in the order that they argue with Socrates in the text. This does not mean that you need to start with the first one. You might already have a point of contention with Socrates and are welcome to immediately take on that persona. However, if you are new to "Gorgias," I recommend that you do begin at the beginning.
2Once you have chosen a character, begin the dialogue. Socrates' statement is in black at the top of every page. Depending on your response, choose your own statement underneath your character's icon. If you find yourself facing a blank form and you're not ready to respond yet, just click the "back" button (this page is Netscape enhanced, by the way) and rethink the statement that Socrates gave you.
3All serious responses will be incorporated into the dialectic as new options for new visitors to choose from and respond to. In addition to being listed within the dialogue, responses will be available on the "What you had to say" page. They will be posted alphabetically by e-mail address, with a reference to the person's name and school (if that information is available and/or applicable.)
4Keep your responses brief. As Socrates says, "That is what is wanted, Gorgias; exhibit the shorter method now, and the longer one at some other time." The response forms have been created with this stipulation in mind...
5The Socractic Dialectics site is not intended to be a substitution for the texts. It is an enhancement. If you are required to read the text for class (or any other reason,) we suggest you do. We have taken some liberties, including adding/deleteing lines, which were necessary adaptions for the given format.
Well, that about covers it. If we've forgotten anything, something isn't clear or you have any suggestions as to how to make this site more interesting/useful, please please please e-mail Sherrin! Thanks, and enjoy....
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