Let the games begin!

If you've already read the Rules of the Game, then you're ready to begin! As you may already know, the Gorgias dialogue traditionally begins with Gorgias (and thus the name, huh?). However, this being a hypertext version, you now have the freedom to begin wherever you choose. If you're not familiar with the text, you might like to read a brief summary. Or you might want to return to the home page. Other than that, there's nothing to do but get ready for an age-old debate in which you can play devil's advocate to Socrates himself. And don't forget to let us know what you think...

A well-known and venerated Rhetorician. "I may say that no one has put a new question to me in many years." A young man, "colt by name and a colt by nature." "Am I not to be allowed to say as much as I choose?" Young, rich and ambitious, he is a proponent of might makes right. "Is Socrates in earnest about all this or is he joking?"